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New Projects and Record Payouts: 2023 Highlights for Boomerang Partners

Boomerang Partners: A Year of Impressive Growth, Record Achievements, and Ambitious Goals for 2024 

2023 has been a year of significant growth and new achievements for Boomerang Partners. Over the past months, the company has reached impressive results across many areas of its operations – as we wrap up the year, let’s recap the brightest moments and look at the goals Boomerang has set for itself in 2024.

Growth in the Number of Partners

Boomerang Partners entered 2023 with 2,200 affiliate partners around the globe. This impressive number, however, more than doubled by the year’s end! Boomerang is finishing the calendar year with a remarkable figure – over 5,200 partners.

Boomerang constantly strives to develop existing partnerships, is open to new collaborations, and always welcomes new partners to its expanding business community. With these grand visions in our sights, we eagerly look forward to embracing an even larger circle of partners in 2024!

Successful New Product Launches

The past year saw the introduction of four new brands, bringing our total portfolio to eleven, including five casinos and six sports betting products. These diverse brands cater to different geographies and audiences, thereby expanding our reach: our efforts have now expanded to over 70 geographies, showcasing the global appeal and reach of our projects.

A notable achievement in 2023 was our exceptional conversion rates. We observed a click-to-deposit (click-to-dep) conversion rate reaching 35% on some projects in Tier-1 geographies. Similarly, our registration-to-deposit (reg-to-dep) conversion rate on these geographies soared to 65-70% on some projects. These figures demonstrate the effectiveness and appeal of our brands.

Furthermore, we are proud to announce that we consistently receive over 15,000 First Time Deposits (FTDs) monthly from each of our various partners in Tier-1 geographies, reflecting our ongoing efforts towards maximum scalability.

50 Million Euros to Partners

One of the main and significant results for Boomerang was a fact from the financial statements. The company is pleased to report that in total for 2023 it paid out over €50 million to its partners! This is a record amount of annual payouts in Boomerang’s entire history.

The figure is bright evidence of Boomerang Partners’ progress and growing efficiency. The Boomerang team sincerely thanks every partner for their contribution and trust in the company and seeks to exceed the 2023 partner payout figure in the coming year.

2024: A Year of New Opportunities

As always, on the eve of the New Year, Boomerang Partners sets ambitious goals for business development. 2023 showed that the company is moving in the right direction. Therefore, in 2024 it is planned to maintain growth rates, at a minimum.

Inspired by last year’s successes, in 2024 Boomerang aims to increase year-over-year growth by 30%. Growing key metrics by at least 30% every year is a company tradition that will be followed in 2024. The company plans to see growth across all areas: number of partners, traffic, company revenue, and affiliate payouts.

Our strategy for 2024 includes the launch of several new and promising projects. These initiatives are aimed at extending the global presence of the Boomerang brand, attracting additional partners, and more actively engaging players from around the world.

2024 Resolutions from Boomerang 

As we look forward to 2024, we are filled with confidence that it will be an even more successful year for all members of the Boomerang affiliate program. We invite our current and prospective partners to join us in this exciting phase of business growth and innovation.

With Boomerang you can reach new heights and build a successful and fruitful future. Join us – our combined efforts will lead to significant achievements in 2024. Let’s build together!


Q: How many affiliate partners did Boomerang Partners have at the start and end of 2023?

A: At the beginning of 2023, Boomerang Partners had 2,200 affiliate partners globally. By the end of the year, this number more than doubled, reaching over 5,200 partners.

Q: What were the key achievements in product launches and market expansion in 2023?

A: Boomerang Partners launched four new brands in 2023, bringing their total to eleven, and expanded into over 70 geographies. They also achieved impressive conversion rates, up to 35% click-to-deposit and 65-70% registration-to-deposit rates in Tier-1 geographies.

Q: What financial milestones did Boomerang Partners achieve in 2023, and what are their goals for 2024?

A: In 2023, Boomerang Partners distributed a record €50 million to partners. For 2024, they aim to grow key metrics by at least 30%, expand partnerships, traffic, revenue, and payouts, and to launch new projects enhancing their global presence.