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Massive 220+ Team Response for Golden Boomerang Awards 2024 – Don’t Miss Your Chance to Join!

Golden Boomerang Awards – the first annual traffic tournament is off to an incredible start, attracting massive interest from affiliates around the world. In just the first month since launching on February 14th, a remarkable 226 teams spanning top webmasters globally have signed up to compete.


Golden Boomerang Awards Skyrocketing Casino Traffic

The early results of the Golden Boomerang Awards 2024 are extremely promising. Thanks to the efforts of participating affiliate teams, first-time deposits for Boomerang’s online casino products blown 14% compared to the previous month. The most popular slots driving this traffic have been Book of Dead, Legacy of Dead, and Book of the Fallen. One lucky player even hit a €314,000 big win!


Boomerang is thrilled by the overwhelming response, demonstrating both the skill of their valued affiliate partners in delivering quality traffic as well as Boomerang’s ability to effectively convert that traffic into active players and revenue. It exemplifies their philosophy of “Profit and prosper together” through collaborative partnerships.

The Leaderboard is Heating Up

While the tournament has a long way to go until the May 14th registration deadline, the leaderboard is already shaping up to be an intense battle. After 3 weeks, the top 5 teams have remarkably each driven over 10,000 new depositing casino players to Boomerang’s platforms as they actively vie for the biggest prizes.


However, there is still plenty of time for other teams to make a push up the leaderboard over the next two months. The bi-weekly prize structure ensures the excitement continues building each round as more lucrative rewards are unlocked later on.

Rewards Race is Just Getting Started

With rewards being awarded every two weeks, the Golden Boomerang Awards is designed to keep the excitement intensifying with each passing weekly round. This unique structure means affiliates who missed the first three weeks shouldn’t worry, as the most lucrative rewards are yet to come in the later rounds.


So while the initial weeks have seen impressive prizes claimed, the biggest rewards of all still lie ahead for those affiliates joining the competition now. Affiliates should remember that registrations remain open until May 14th, and should not miss out on a shot at the most valuable rewards this tournament has to offer.

Don’t Miss Your Chance at Glory

Importantly, affiliates who missed the opening few weeks should not worry about signing up now. Since registration remains open until May 14th, joining today means you can still earn valuable rewards during the most crucial latter stages before the big finale.


The tournament will culminate in a grand ceremony in Cyprus on June 1st, where the top 30 teams will enjoy an exclusive experience. This high-profile event will feature awards night, networking opportunities, entertainment from leading artists, and the iconic Golden Boomerang statuettes for the winners.


Boomerang Partners invites all skilled affiliates to join the action at and contend for a spot among the industry’s elite traffic drivers. Register now and showcase your expertise in driving premium traffic — prestigious prizes and industry recognition start here!



How many teams have registered so far?

Over 226 teams representing top global affiliate webmasters signed up in just the first month since launch on February 14th.


What results has the tournament driven?

A 14% increase in first-time casino deposits compared to the previous month. Popular slots like Book of Dead attracted big players, including one €314,000 jackpot winner.


Who is leading the leaderboard currently?

The top 5 teams have incredibly each acquired over 10,000 new depositing players so far. But the leaderboard can still change drastically with 2 months remaining in the tournament.