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Golden Boomerang Awards: The Competition for Glory Heats Up After Week 3

Stakes are rising as affiliates battle for top ladder positions after the third week of the 2024 Golden Boomerang Awards has passed. And the competition for prizes and glory is far from over — with registration still open until May 14th, there’s no better time to join the chase! 

After just three weeks, the leaderboard is already shaking up with teams rapidly climbing the ranks through sheer grit and skilled deployment of their affiliate marketing prowess. Let’s break down the heated action so far.

Team “Apex” and Other Frontrunners Assert Early Dominance

In Week 1 of the tournament, a balanced leaderboard saw multiple teams deadlocked at 50 points each — crews like “Apex”, “FTDeez”, “Unbesiegbar”, “G.Partners”, and “Amirah&Co” setting an energetic initial pace, capturing the lead positions. However, the true competitors quickly separated themselves from the pack.

By Week 3, the leaderboard had transformed drastically: “Apex” has seized a commanding 150-point lead, while “FTDeez” (135), “Unbesiegbar” (125), and “G.Partners” (110) remain hot on their heels in a tightly contested championship chase.

Three-week points totals and week-over-week growth underscore the intensifying competitive drive, which is only growing! Thus, the leading teams have extra chances to hit FTD milestones and unlock bi-weekly rewards — from tech gear like MacBooks and iPads to VIP entertainment packages. So don’t be surprised to see more drastic moves on the leaderboard with each prizefight!

Newcomers Rapidly Joining the Race

While the current top names continue dominating yet, plenty of fresh under-radar teams are making their presence felt in a big way too. From “HighRoller Gaming” exploding to 85 points, to rookie crews like “MGA”, “Dangerous Pokémons”, and “Unicorns” cracking the top ranks at blistering speed, joining the tournament just the previous week.

This drastic leaderboard upheaval serves as a wake-up call — with the right dedication and strategic traffic generation, any team can rapidly climb the ranks and challenge the heavyweights. The competitive environment is ripe for new entrants to make their mark.

Looking beyond the current frontrunners, the leaderboard numbers reveal an overwhelming majority of entrants locked in the 10-30 point range after 3 weeks of action. Don’t discount these teams just yet! With registration still open for late-comers to join, the tournament remains ripe for a thrilling comeback story. On the other hand, that indicates a lot of space for newcomers — means, that freshmen are get in the tournament today have a solid chance to enter the top 30 by the end of the next bi-weekly period.

More than just an extravagant celebration, this grand finale represents the pinnacle achievement for competitors. After weeks of grueling work driving quality traffic, the elite few will bask in the spotlight as recipients of the ultimate prizes — prestigious Golden Boomerang trophies to cement their legendary status.

“Golden Spotlight” Pursuit Intensifies

As we approach that May 14th cutoff, you can bet teams will be scrapping with everything they’ve got to finish inside that elite top 30 brackets. Because that’s the VIP pass to Boomerang’s glamorous Golden Ceremony in Limassol, Cyprus come June 1st.

Imagine the prestige of rubbing shoulders with industry celebrities while being wined and dined at a luxury 5-star resort — all before potentially taking home jaw-dropping grand prizes like Boomerang trophies! With a world-famous DJ providing entertainment and invaluable networking opportunities, it’s an experience that money can’t buy.

The Best Time to Join the Golden Boomerang Awards is Now

Whether you’re an experienced affiliate who has seen it all, or a fresh-faced traffic newcomer ready to take the tournament by storm, the time to enter the Golden Boomerang Awards is right now. With the leaderboard already displaying such volatility and rapid scoring changes in just three weeks, the final stretch is primed to be utterly unscripted and action-packed.

By driving superior FTDs — anyone can etch its name into the lore of affiliate marketing, reach for lavish prizes, priceless industry connections, and eternal glory at our Grand ceremony in Cyprus.

The numbers have spoken — join the chase and add your rousing chapter to this traffic battle! Visit today to register and let your competitive ambitions burn. The road to becoming a top affiliate starts here!


How can I join the Golden Boomerang Awards?

Visit and register by May 14th to enter the competition for prestigious awards and networking.


What are the prizes for the Golden Boomerang Awards?

Top performers driving quality traffic win prizes like tech gadgets, event tickets, and the coveted Golden Boomerang trophies. Bi-weekly rewards keep things exciting.


What happens at the Golden Boomerang Grand Ceremony?

The top 30 affiliates enjoy a VIP event in Cyprus. Mingle with celebrities, be entertained by a famous DJ, and winners are honored with trophies.