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Boomerang’s Christmas Tournament: A Launchpad for Bigger 2024 Traffic Championships

Top digital marketers across Europe clinched big wins in the first Boomerang’s traffic tournament,

with over €25,000 in cash prizes

Boomerang Partners draws an attention in affiliate marketing by hosting an action-packed inaugural XMAS Tournament. Boomerang’s inaugural Christmas digital competition offered over €25,000 in prizes to drive traffic and deposits to its European gaming sites. The tournament concluded on January 4th after a successful one-month run with over 35 advertisers participating across 9 countries.

XMAS Tournament Rewards Top Marketers

The XMAS digital competition boasted over €25,000 in prizes, including a €14,000 first-place prize, for driving traffic and deposits across Boomerang’s European sports betting and casino offerings, catalyzing immense interest from over 35 competing advertisers.

The tournament targeted nine different European markets, giving participants ample options to drive traffic to Boomerang’s wide range of sports betting and casino gaming platforms. The all-digital competition catalyzed impressive engagement over its one-month run, spanning from December 4th, 2023 to January 4th, 2024 – with participants driving significant amount of first-time deposits, per tournament results.

Boomerang Cooperates with Industry Expert RevenueLab

The host of the competition, RevenueLab, has cemented itself as a trusted and prominent player in the evolving iGaming field since its founding in 2011. RevenueLab touts an expansive global footprint, with a dedicated team of over 80 professionals granting access to a diverse plethora of gaming campaigns. Their platform bridges connections between advertisers and a network of over 1,200 casino and sports betting brands across 9 global markets – catering to all manners of traffic sources.

RevenueLab’s partnership with Boomerang Partners, known for their extensive sports betting and casino gaming platforms, provided a fertile ground for affiliates to drive traffic. The tournament’s success, highlighted by the impressive number of First Time Deposits, underscores the effectiveness of RevenueLab’s platform and the appeal of Boomerang’s offerings.

Targeting Nine Diverse European Markets

A core element spurring interest in RevenueLab’s XMAS Tournament was its expansive geographic scope across European markets. The competition set participants loose to drive traffic aimed at 9 diverse countries: Italy, Switzerland, Slovenia, Ireland, Austria, Greece, Germany, Netherlands, and Norway.

This broad mandate offered an enticing chance for competitors to cater their strategies to varied audiences and gaming markets while competing for outsized rewards courtesy of RevenueLab and Boomerang’s extensive gaming ecosystem.

Bigger Affiliate Initiatives in 2024

Hosted by Boomerang Partners and RevenueLab, the Christmas Tournament marks the start of a series of larger-scale affiliate events planned for 2024. The event concluded on January 4th after an intense one-month run that ultimately saw competitors drive massive traffic towards Boomerang’s platforms, handily surpassing goals.

“Our affiliates’ enthusiastic participation demonstrates their appetite for competitive events and substantial rewards. This response has inspired us to increase both the prize pool and the number of participants in our 2024 tournaments,” says CEO at Boomerang Partners.

The Schedule for 2024 Affiliate Championships Takes Shape

With a commitment to transforming traffic into success, Boomerang aims to significantly expand its presence in the affiliate marketing channel in 2024 with even bolder competition initiatives. Building on the momentum of the highly successful XMAS Tournament, the company plans to launch a series of groundbreaking tournaments, contests, and promotions over the next year to engage the affiliate community.

These competitions will feature expanded geographic scope, larger prizes, and innovative formats – pushing the boundaries of what an iGaming affiliate program can offer. Stay tuned for a year filled with unprecedented opportunities and partnerships!


1. What was the XMAS Tournament?

The XMAS Tournament was a digital competition with over €25,000 in prizes, targeting nine European markets to drive traffic to Boomerang’s gaming platforms.

2. Who hosted the XMAS Tournament?

RevenueLab, in partnership with Boomerang Partners, hosted the tournament, showcasing their extensive network in the iGaming industry.

3. What’s next for Boomerang in 2024?

Boomerang plans larger-scale affiliate events in 2024, building on the XMAS Tournament’s success to offer more competitive and rewarding opportunities.