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Golden Boomerang Awards 2024: Growing Tournament Traffic Fuels Boomerang’s Sportsbook Products

Just one week after launching the inaugural Golden Boomerang Awards 2024, Boomerang Partners is seeing a 12% spike in traffic across its online sportsbook platforms. As the affiliate traffic tournament continues, new participants are joining.

Early Stats Reveal Tournament’s Strong Potential

The new Golden Boomerang Awards traffic tournament by Boomerang Partners is off to a strong start, incentivizing affiliates to send high-quality traffic their way. Boomerang has shared some impressive numbers highlighting increased traffic and betting activity in just the first week since launching the tournament.

After one week, overall traffic to Boomerang’s betting products is up 12% compared to the Champions League group stage, and up 27% versus last year’s playoff phase. This demonstrates the competition is effectively motivating affiliates to drive more players to Boomerang’s platforms.

UEFA Champions League Emerges as Premier Acquisition Channel

The Round of 16 matches in the UEFA Champions League have proven to be a prime acquisition channel during the tournament. 60% of Boomerang’s audience placed pre-match wagers on these marquee UCL fixtures, while 40% preferred live in-play betting action.

An impressive two-thirds of bettors scored winning parlay and combination bets across the Champions League matchups. An impressive two-thirds of bettors won parlay/combo bets across the Champions League games. The Bayern Munich vs Lazio, Barcelona vs Napoli, and Real Madrid vs RB Leipzig matches attracted 75% of all wagers.

Escalating Rewards to Sustain Momentum 

As the Golden Boomerang Awards moves into its second half, the prize structure is being refreshed to maintain enthusiasm. The bi-weekly rewards system is updated with new giveaways, incentivizing both existing participants and new entrants to keep driving quality traffic.

There is an advantage to joining sooner rather than later. The top 30 highest-scoring affiliates by May 14th will earn a VIP invitation to the awards ceremony finale in Cyprus. This exclusive event offers networking opportunities, celebrity entertainment, and an afterparty.

Over 200 Elite Affiliates Already Enrolled… Will You?

The Golden Boomerang Awards has already attracted over 200 registered affiliates, underscoring the tournament’s immense appeal. By leveraging Boomerang’s superior conversion rates on player-preferred sports betting and casino platforms, affiliates have a lucrative opportunity to monetize their traffic volumes.

For those armed with the talent to harness audience passion and transform it into FTD supremacy, the time to enter the Golden Boomerang Awards is now! Visit today to compete in this traffic exciting challenge — to demonstrate their expertise, and claim their share of rich rewards.


How can affiliates participate?

Affiliates can register at until May 14, 2024, to compete for prestigious awards, networking opportunities, and lucrative prizes.

What prizes are available?

Top affiliates driving quality traffic can win cash prizes, luxury electronics, event admission, and the coveted Golden Boomerang trophies. A bi-weekly reward system sustains engagement.

What is the Grand Ceremony?

The top 30 performing affiliates will receive VIP access to the exclusive June 1 ceremony in Limassol, Cyprus, featuring unparallel events, celebrity guests, and entertainment.