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These Awards Are Real Gold! Boomerang Rewarding Top Affiliates

Boomerang Partners invites all gaming affiliates to participate in the pioneering Golden Boomerang Awards – an annual competition created to recognize top-performing partners through incentives, status, and striking gold accolades industry never seen before

Brand New Awards Showcase

Seeking to motivate and reward its established contributors and partners at an unprecedented level, Boomerang Partners presents the Golden Boomerang Awards – the world’s first dedicated annual traffic competition for the gaming industry, awarded with real gold accolades.

The Golden Boomerang Awards are the newest promotion from Boomerang Partners to acknowledge outstanding affiliate marketing efforts and boost partner engagement. This premier event invites affiliates worldwide to engage in intense player acquisition for Boomerang’s sportsbook and casino platforms. The competition features live leaderboards, with the top performers winning an all-expenses-paid trip to an exclusive Awards Night. Winners will also be honored with limited-edition gold statuettes hand-crafted by experts.

Prizes for Top Competitors

The competition prizes provide powerful incentives for partners to compete. The first-place winner will receive a lustrous, heavyweight, solid gold Super Gold Boomerang statue engraved with their name. The second and third-place finishers earn Golden Medium and Small Boomerang Statues, respectively, also engraved for posterity.

All competitors will also have the chance to win high-end electronics like MacBook Pros, VIP entertainment experiences like backstage concert passes, and exclusive travel opportunities like all-expenses-paid trips to industry conferences — every two weeks leading up to the main event. 

Bonus Awards in Special Categories

On competition day during the awards gala, Boomerang Partners will also highlight standout affiliates across special categories like “Best Sportsbook Traffic 2024” for partners who referred the most traffic to sports betting merchants, “Best Casino Traffic 2024” for those directing users to top gaming brands, “Rising Star 2024” which celebrates newer partners showing immense growth potential, and “Best Campaign 2024” for the most innovative promotional tactics.

These categories allow more partners at different career stages to earn public recognition for their valuable contributions and hard work.

The Golden Gala Experience

Our most engaged contest participants will be invited to walk the red carpet at an exclusive awards gala hosted at a famously lavish 5-star hotel and event space known for hosting iconic parties. Guests will be treated to luxury overnight accommodations, flights, venue tours, the awards ceremony hosted by celebrities from the industry, an after-party with internationally renowned artists, and more.

The event serves to reward our hardest-working partners with an unforgettable experience while generating buzz for the launch of next year’s competition.

Embark for Golden Boomerangs

The Golden Boomerang Awards offer the perfect opportunity to showcase your skills as an affiliate marketer while enjoying incentives to drive traffic, connect with other top performers in the field, and attend an incredibly luxurious industry event. 

By launching such large-scale tournaments focused on empowering affiliates with recognition, networking, and growth opportunities beyond just commissions, Boomerang Partners solidifies its position as a leading ally for traffic partners globally. The exciting annual traffic competition is about to start — embark on Golden Boomerangs now!


What are the Golden Boomerang Awards?

The Golden Boomerang Awards are an annual traffic competition and awards gala hosted by Boomerang Partners to recognize top-performing affiliates across various categories in the gaming industry.

What are the main prizes affiliates can win?

The top three competitors win engraved solid gold Boomerang statues in small, medium, and large super gold sizes. Additional prizes like electronics, entertainment experiences, and conference travel are also up for grabs.

What happens at the awards gala event?

Top participants will be invited to an extravagant ceremony with celebrity hosts at a luxury resort venue including awards presentations, musical acts, after-parties, and more.