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Boomerang Becomes the Official Regional Betting Partner of AC Milan
Boomerang steps onto the European stage as the Official Regional Betting Partner of AC Milan. The strategic alliance capitalizes on AC Milan’s rich sports history and Boomerang’s commitment to innovation, promising enhanced engagements and unique promotional activities


With effect from July 4, 2024, AC Milan and Boomerang have formed a collaboration. With the exception of Italy, the three-year deal designates Boomerang as AC Milan’s Official Regional Betting Partner in Europe. This collaboration aims to leverage digital technologies for enhanced fan experiences and create new opportunities for Boomerang’s affiliate network in the sports betting sector.


A Match of Legacy and Ambitions

AC Milan, one of the most storied clubs in football history, has chosen Boomerang as its Official Regional Betting Partner in Europe, excluding Italy. This collaboration combines Boomerang’s cutting-edge iGaming strategy with the rich tradition of the Rossoneri, producing a potent synergy that will revolutionize sports betting fan engagement.


Both companies take great pride in their long history of innovation and achievement. Despite being relatively new, having been launched in 2021, Boomerang has made a name for itself as a significant player in the international iGaming market. In addition to a broad range of 12 betting and gambling-themed products, their flagship Boomerang Sportsbook has garnered multiple industry awards and a reputation for innovation.  


By partnering with a dynamic and tech-savvy company like Boomerang, the Rossoneri are positioning themselves at the forefront of the digital revolution in sports entertainment. This ensures they remain as relevant off the field as they are on it.


Shared Values, Shared Vision

The core of Boomerang and AC Milan’s partnership is captured in four words: innovative fan engagement strategies. These include interactive game-day apps, exclusive fan zones, and real-time betting experiences to boost excitement. Boomerang and AC Milan also plan to explore community outreach programs focused on sports education and youth initiatives.


This partnership represents a new chapter for sports and interactive gaming, driven by a shared commitment to excellence and a forward-thinking approach.


Maikel Oettle, Chief Commercial Officer of AC Milan, commented: “We are excited to team up with Boomerang, as this partnership holds great value for our fans. Together, we aim to enhance fan engagement across Europe, offering unique experiences celebrating our shared passion for sports. By working closely with Boomerang, we look forward to creating memorable moments and strengthening our connection with European sports enthusiasts.”


Ivan Kraynov, Co-Founder of Boomerang, added: “We are incredibly excited to become the Official Regional Betting Partner of AC Milan. This collaboration with the Rossoneri marks a significant milestone for Boomerang. We join forces with the team with which we share our commitment to winning, bravery, and innovation. Together, we’ll strive to drive sports trends and deliver an exclusive experience to fans, partners, and users.”


Not Only Fans: Exciting Opportunities for Affiliates 

In addition to improving the fan experience, Boomerang and AC Milan’s alliance is a calculated decision that creates a wealth of options for Boomerang’s affiliates and partners.

Boomerang’s partners will benefit from a variety of options, including attending and participating in exclusive events that offer unique opportunities and firsthand experiences.


This suite of benefits puts Boomerang at the forefront of sports betting marketing. With the Boomerang x AC Milan partnership set for three years, affiliates can expect continuous innovative opportunities to capitalize on this alliance.


Join Boomerang to Win Big Together

As the partnership kicks off, both AC Milan and Boomerang are poised to make a significant impact on the European sports and betting landscape. With a shared commitment to excellence, innovation, and fan engagement, this collaboration has all the ingredients to become big in the world of sports partnerships.


This partnership marks just the beginning of a promising journey. As Boomerang and AC Milan continue to explore new opportunities, the focus will remain on creating unmatched experiences for fans and adding value for affiliates and partners alike. The message is clear: get ready for an exciting new era of engagement and exclusive and unforgettable moments with the Rossoneri and Boomerang.



When does the partnership between AC Milan and Boomerang begin?

The partnership was announced on July 4, 2024, and is set to run for 3 seasons, until June 30, 2027.


What regions does this partnership cover?

Boomerang is the Official Regional Betting Partner for AC Milan in Europe (excluding Italy).


How can affiliates benefit from this partnership?

Affiliates can look forward to exclusive experiences, including VIP match tickets, behind-the-scenes access, special events, and unique digital content.